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"I am a property owner and employed Oakwood property management to not only rent but maintain my property. I have a contract with them; they see to it that my property is properly maintained and invoice me for any needed repairs. I have always authorized those repairs without question. They also ensure that tenants maintain the terms and conditions of that same contract. This includes ensuring that the rented house is reasonably maintained. If you are the kind of renter who has no regard for maintaining the house they live in, respecting the neighborhood they live in or has a problem with basic sanitary habits then you probably do not want to rent one of their properties. If you are a reasonable person who cares about your neighbors and the community you live in you will have no problem with this management company"  -Wayne H.-


"We have 3 properties under management with Oakwood. It has been a very positive relationship for the many years that we've been connected. We have had good renters who have been in our properties for years -- obviously happy with the management! Good renters and owners need not worry. Any problems we've had have been dealt with in a timely matter. We appreciate the care they take with our properties" -Jeanette S.-


"I own a condo in a nice part of Holladay and my HOA is very strict about maintenance, particularly rentals. My property is well cared for and kept in very nice condition. If you are a responsible and reliable tenant, you have nothing to worry about from Oakwood Property Management. They have taken excellent care of my property and always rented it to good tenants who also take good care of my property. They respond quickly to any request from me and from my tenants. I wouldn't hesitate to use them either as a renter or owner" -Mary B.-


"Oakwood Property management is great to work with. They are fair and consistent. Whenever a repair is needed, they are quick to respond and the repair is made with little interference in my life" -Ron D.-


"I am a property owner and just love Russell and all that this company does. I have had better renters and quick response to all my and my tenants needs" -Sharon K.-


"I am an out of state property owner and I use Russ at Oakwood to lease my property. Russ has been great to work with and he makes sure my house is well taken care of, and has lined up several workers to do carpet, paint, yard work etc. I appreciate the fact that he confronts bad renters and takes good care of my property. I have had some issues in the past with horrible renters, but since I hired Oakwood (3 years ago), I have not had any issues" -Jamison B.-


"Russell James and Oakwood Properties have been managing my Utah property for over fifteen years. I also own rental property in Hawaii and Arizona and they are by far the best management company I have ever worked with" -Jaren H.-


"Oakwood Property Management has taken the worst part of being a landlord and made it their problem instead of mine. Their contract is specific about what they will do, and they have never failed to deliver. The current tenant is paying more than I may have collected on my own, and I don't need to worry, collect the rent, make repairs, or receive calls in the middle of the night for repairs. Oakwood has my complete confidence in finding the right tenant, enforcing the property owners wishes and collecting the rent for me. They get my endorsement on property management sompanies!" 


"As a property owner who has utilized Oakwood Property Management and Realty for several years, I have been nothing but impressed with their services. I have entrusted Russ and his team to take care of my property and they have always looked out for my best interests and my investment in the property. They are very responsive to any of my inquiries and always dependable with taking care of any concerns promptly. When working with tenants they have taken care of issues with everyone's best interest in mind. I am grateful that they have very high standards for accepting tenants and they monitor the condition of my property regularly. Over the years they have empathized with tenants who struggled to make payments and with tenants who needed to break leases, yet it was rare that my property was vacant for more than a month. I trust Oakwood to care for my property and occupy my property with quality tenants. Oakwood is a great company with the highest degree of integrity!"- Phillip B.-


"As a Housing Coordinator for a religious organization I have dealt with over 150 property managers, with none of them meeting the high standards of Oakwood Realty & Property Management. Keep up the good work!!" -Phil G.-


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